Ugly Babies

There was a Seinfeld episode about ugly babies. “You have to see the baby,” the exultant parents kept saying. But when Jerry and company finally saw the baby, she was ugly. And nobody wanted to tell the parents.

My wife and I vowed to each other that we would be brutally honest with ourselves about our child. We also felt the odds for him to NOT be funny looking weren’t great. We steeled ourselves for the worst.

Then he was born. Except for the immediate post-birth time (and who can look good with half a placenta stuck to their head?), our kid was adorable. He was an angel. We marveled at how cute he was.

Now, though, looking back at some of those old pics, he’s sort of…well, not ugly, but a little creepy. Sort of half old man, half alien. It’s ok, though, because now he’s cute as a button, and getting cuter every day. And if we realize down the road we’re still suffering from parental rose-colored observation? We just won’t tell him. After all, Billy Joel was married to Christy Brinkley. And he’s no baby,baby.

(By the way, I am burping him in this pic, not choking him like it appears.)Image


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