Disgusting Stuff

I used to gag–literally, gag out loud–when one of our cats would hork on the carpet and I’d have to clean it up. Now that I have a kid, I just laugh at a little thing like cat vomit.

Yesterday, though, was probably the grossest thing to date (at least for me). My son loves it when I bench press him into the air. Of course I have to accompany each lift with a loud and manly growl–he thinks that’s hysterical. I do this a lot, but finally the inevitable happened. See, Wolfe’s working on a couple of teeth, so his saliva production (which was always pretty good) is at an all time high. So as he was giggling hysterically, a big plug of spit sailed out of his mouth…and landed directly in mine. For some reason that was worse to me than getting a glob of baby poo on my thumb (the previous most disgusting thing).

I’m not a quitter, though. I soldiered on and finished the set. Wolfe was so impressed, he made a consonant sound.

Then after I set him back in his bouncy chair, I stepped in cat puke. It didn’t even phase me.


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