Santa Claus

My plan was to share the truth about Santa Claus with Wolfe this year and have done with it. Then I read about a man who was arrested in Canada for telling kids Santa isn’t real. Now I have to reconsider.

My wife, of course, thinks we need to lie to our son about this imaginary (and sort of creepy) character who sees him when he’s sleeping and knows when he’s awake (and yet, nobody’s arresting old Saint Nick). I was vehemently against it until she reminded me that “Santa” gets a snack left out for him every Christmas Eve and “Santa” has to eat that snack. I said if the snack was graham crackers and milk, maybe I could be convinced to keep quiet about “Santa.” My wife agreed–and said that she doesn’t understand the fascination with graham crackers and milk. I told her living alone on the North Pole with a bunch of elves will do strange things to a man.

Really, I guess as parents we will eventually lie to our kid, so in the grand scale of things wrapping a gift from Santa and leaving out a little snack isn’t a big deal. But when Wolfe finds out the truth, will he wonder what else we’ve lied to him about? If so, I’m going to let his mom explain it to him. It’s hard to talk when your mouth’s full of graham crackers–even with the milk.



  1. […] Cranky Dad, someday your son will find out that you deceived him about Santa and call you a liar (Click here to see a really cranky dad’s post about this dilemma.). At least, that’s what happened to […]

  2. Parents lie to kids to give them some hope and faith until they can find their own.

  3. […] all came to mind when I read author Matt Duvall’s Really Cranky Dad Blog Post the other day– where he was wrestling with when to tell his son Wolfe the truth about Santa. […]

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