Post-Holiday Reflections

With Thanksgiving over, I’m having a case of the blahs. My wife and I enjoyed spending time with both our families this past week, and Wolfe had a blast as well (although I don’t know any of us had fun with the driving part–over 1,200 miles all told). But now going back to “real life” is bringing me down.

Of course, Thanksgiving is a bittersweet time for me anyway, because Thanksgiving 2008 was the last time I saw my dad in person. He died in April the following year, and even though we talked on the phone every week or so, I didn’t get the chance to actually see him again. Growing up, he was the one who made our turkey feasts. He’d get up around six or so in the morning to get the turkey started, and it was always great (although I never understood his affinity for eating the turkey neck–he never had much competition for it).

Instead of dwelling on the end of vacation and things I’ve lost, though, I’m trying to keep my Thanksgiving spirit alive right through Christmas. So here goes…

I’m thankful for spending time with my family, and grateful I had a dad who was a good guy. I’m glad Wolfe is a cheerful kid who rolls with the punches. And I’m very blessed to have a beautiful wife who is almost as good a mother as I am a father.

Things I’m looking forward to: Wolfe’s first Christmas, (hopefully) a lot of snow days in the next four weeks, and having my birthday off from school for the first time in years.

What are you thankful for/looking forward to?


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