Nature Vs. Nurture

With Thanksgiving coming up, I’ve been thinking about the things I’m thankful for. The top of the list is my family, especially my wife (of course) and our new son. In just six months, he’s become an inseparable part of the Duvall team.

He’s an affable, easygoing little guy. The only time he gets even a little cranky is when he’s hungry (a trait he may get from his dad), and it’s still nothing like the epic tantrums we’ve observed with other kids. He mostly just laughs and babbles and enjoys life.

All of this has us wondering: is it him, is it us, or is it some combination of both? We really expected our kid to be a challenge–moody, rough and tumble, a bit of a jerk. Instead, he’s an almost textbook perfect baby (knock on wood). Our concern is, what if we decide to have another kid and get cursed with the spawn of Satan? From talking with other parents, we’ve often heard, “No two kids are alike.” If that’s the case, maybe we should just stop with one, since we got a good one. But is this all just him? If he were with different parents, would he still be the same easy kid? Or is part of this the fantastic job we are (well, at least my wife is) doing as parents?

I don’t know. And I also don’t know if this will last. Today’s angel may be tomorrow’s tattooed juvenile delinquent (or, worse yet, collegiate-parted Young Republican). The only problem is that by the time we know for sure, it will be too late.



  1. For all your talk about being tolerant…

  2. I really am worried he’s saving up his jerkiness for his teen years…

  3. The last part of your second sentence is superfluous.

    1. We’re still family…whether you like it or not!

      Pardon the typos–I’m on my iPhone

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