Learning Stuff

Until we had a kid, I didn’t really think about how much stuff we have to learn. I mean, I thought about it a little–like when I was trying to show my nephew how to tie his shoes–but when you’re brand new, you have to learn…well, everything.

We recently started Wolfe on oatmeal. This is considered “solid food,” although if you saw it, you wouldn’t think so. And this isn’t the oatmeal we eat–it’s some kind of bland pablum specifically made for babies. We didn’t want to start him before he turned six months because there are all these studies about how feeding babies solids too early can lead to obesity. The studies may be crap, but based on our own struggles with obesity, his mother and I decided not to risk it.

Feeding a six month old with no teeth some oatmeal sounds like a pretty simple thing. And it is simple, from one vantage point. Oatmeal goes on spoon, spoon goes in mouth. The hard part, so far, is the whole gumming/swallowing thing. The little guy is trying, and he’s learning as he goes, but right now most of the oatmeal ends up spattered on his hands/his clothes/the wall/the floor/my face. Because he hasn’t quite learned how to do it yet, so he ends up just drooling copious amounts of oatmeal everywhere when he laughs.

We’re having fun, though, and the only time I got cranky was when I was too focused on making airplane noises with the spoon and knocked his bowl on the floor, which meant I had to start over from scratch. I guess I’m still learning a few things as well.



  1. He will get it eventually. If you want an alternative to the “baby oatmeal” they sell in stores, my wife used to grind up steel cut oats in the food processor to make some oatmeal for our son. he liked it and we knew exactly what we were giving him.

    1. Thanks, we may give that a try. He doesn’t seem to DISlike the stuff, just can’t tell if he actually likes it either.

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