It’s Halloween, Baby! (Or, “It’s Halloween Baby!”)

Hurricane Sandy means our trick-or-treating has been postponed until next Wednesday. Normally this would make me cranky, but it’s actually a good thing, because we don’t have a Halloween costume for our son yet.

With a son named Wolfe, the costume seems obvious. But given the genetic predisposition our son has for being hairy (thanks to my hirsute bloodlines), we don’t want to subject him to even more torture. Plus, he’s only six months old, so there aren’t many options. Right now we have:

  • “I Want My Mummy” onesie
  • Batman ™ onesie and matching black leggings
  • Blue hooded sweater that makes him look like Kenny from South Park, except it’s blue and not orange
  • Ultimate Warrior-themed face paint and neon shoe strings for his biceps
  • Kid who drools a lot

It’s not like it really matters, though, since he can barely hold his plastic pumpkin. Plus in years past, those people who take their clearly-too-young-to-eat-candy baby trick-or-treating have always made me cranky. So, should I turn the tables on the universe and finally take my opportunity to use my offspring as a means to get candy to which I would otherwise not be entitled? (And why can I not write a simple straightforward sentence tonight?) Or should I take the high road and set an example for other parents everywhere?

Regardless, we at least need to take Wolfe to see his grandparents, so we will need a costume. I might just wrap him in tinfoil and say he’s a baked potato.


  1. Go for the candy! Don’t miss out on a great opportunity! LOL!

  2. Mom will be so excited to hear that Wolfe’s going to be visiting!

  3. 1) definitely ultimate warrior

    2) get that candy!

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