Roll Over

Our son has started rolling over. As milestones go, this is a pretty big one for him and for us. The problem is, one of the exercises for strengthening his neck is tummy time. Now that he can roll over, trying to keep him on his tummy is tough. Plus I can’t just leave him on the nearest flat surface (stove, top step, highest shelf on the bookcase, etc.) anymore because he might decide to roll off and really hurt himself. If he weren’t so darned cute, I’d be pretty cranky.

The good news is he can now make “gggggggg” noises, which is another big step. We just need a few more consonants and vowels before he can start emulating my sizable collection of colorful curse words–scallywag, ne’er do well, and more.

In his first trip to the beach, Wolfe was not overly impressed by the water temperature and sand fleas. He wasn’t unimpressed, but I’m afraid he may need another trip in the spring to make up his mind. If that still doesn’t decide him, Lord forbid we have to go to the beach over summer too! That would be awful.

Between all the fun and new developments, we took Wolfe back to his physical therapist. His torticollis is improving–the angle of tilt has decreased by over half, thanks to all the work he’s put in at the gym. At least this verifies to our son the message of our hit song “Hard Work Pay Off (Unless You’re a Teacher).”

Soon he’ll be crawling, and we’ll have to complete the childproofing of our house. I have a feeling that will make me cranky. I just have to remind myself that crawling leads to walking, and once he can walk it’s only a short time until he can mow the yard.

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