Songs For My Son

I’ve been trying to include songs when I interact with Wolfe to aid his development. Most kids’ songs make me cranky, though (the one exception is “Row Row Row Your Boat”–I love the existential angst that lurks just below the surface). So I’ve been making up my own songs for my son. My wife says when he starts to understand the words I have to stop singing them to him. In the meantime, I’m indoctrinating him while I still can. Here are a few of the better titles.

  • “Hard Work Pays Off (Unless You’re a Teacher)”
  • “Your Shower Didn’t Take”
  • “Everybody Poops” (sung to the tune of “Everybody Hurts”)
  • “Zombies Ate My Brain”
  • “I Jitsu–Jiu Jitsu?”

And oh so many more!


One comment

  1. […] to all the work he’s put in at the gym. At least this verifies to our son the message of our hit song “Hard Work Pay Off (Unless You’re a […]

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