More Underdeveloped Ideas

A while back, I posted some underdeveloped ideas–things that make me cranky, but not cranky enough to write a whole blog about. Well, it’s time for some more. Enjoy!

  • We’re starting to have to dress Wolfe in warmer clothes. Can nobody invent a coat for infants that doesn’t require a three-person team to put on? The designers do realize this little person is completely unable to help, right? My wife suggests we just get an old-fashioned cape for our son to wear, and I think she might be right.
  • In a related tangent, hasn’t Canada already given us enough trouble with Justin Bieber? Why can’t they just keep their cold air to themselves?
  • My son seems to hate 80’s hair metal bands. This makes me cranky–and sad. I guess my dream of a father-son outing to a Motley Crue concert is never going to come true.
  • I used to think all that baby drool was really gross. Then we had our son. Now I know it’s gross.
  • In a related tangent, everybody’s happy to give junior a pass on the drooling problem. Dad gets no such consideration. At least I’m able to blame all the farting on him.
  • Everybody says the secret to not being sleep deprived is to sleep whenever the baby sleeps. Can they let my boss know that’s why I was sleeping from 7:15 until 10:00 this morning?
  • For some reason I really want my son to like raisins. I have a lot of plans for snacks involving the delicious sun dried fruit. Ants on a log. Ants on graham crackers dipped in milk. Ants on a bologna sandwich. My wife mocks me for my dreams, and that makes me cranky.

That’s it for now, guys. Have a grape day!


One comment

  1. Molar Mother · · Reply

    Ants in your pants.

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