What’s YOUR Percentile?

Our son had his four month checkup recently. We discovered that he has one eye smaller than the other. We also discovered it’s because I have one eye smaller than the other. I finally understand why in some pictures it looks like I have a lazy eye. Get to work, eye!

He also has a tendency to turn his head to one side more than the other. So now we have to take him to physical therapy. (Maybe we shouldn’t have been upset at those people who told us he was going to get a stiff neck.)

There were the four month immunizations, of course. That’s Wolfe’s favorite part.

But the part his mother and I always look forward to with a mixture of anticipation and dread is the pronouncement of Wolfe’s placement on the growth charts. For the first few visits, the doc was very concerned because he was barely on the charts. As a parent, you can’t help but feel that if your kid isn’t growing, or isn’t growing well, you’re doing something wrong. You start to worry you are setting him behind for life, and that he’ll never catch up with his peers.

Fortunately, this time Wolfe was much improved. His height and weight were up to the low 40th percentile. His head, which has always been ginormous, was in the 88% (he gets his huge noggin from me–I couldn’t fit in my “one size fits most” graduation cap).

The thing that makes me cranky is that they stop doing those charts when you become an adult. I’d like to know what MY percentile is, damn it! Otherwise, how do I know who I’m better than?



  1. Molar Mother · · Reply

    206th percentile!

  2. As adults, we don’t have percentiles, we have BMI, which I hate to even think about…

    1. Ha ha, true! My doctor’s office started printing it in big bold letters right at the top of your receipt. Not cool.

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      1. If my doctor ever starts doing that, I’m finding a new one!

  3. I was always way under the chart. Eljay, on the other hand is always way above the chart!!

  4. […] now my son has the curse. With a head in the 88th percentile but a body in the 42nd, it’s tough to get him clothes that fit right. This morning, as I tried to put on his […]

  5. […] though. He looked up our measurements on a chart as well. So back when I said I wanted to know my percentile…well, there is a chart for adults! Now I just have to figure out where I fall in terms of […]

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