Top 5 + Top 5 = Top 10?

It’s exciting times around our house. Little guy just turned four months old, and he’s hitting those milestones left and right.

Right now he loves talking (must have inherited that from his mom). He’s becoming quite adept at it, too. Here are his five favorite words:

  1. Ah
  2. Ooo
  3. Ah-Ooo
  4. Ooo-Ah
  5. Hornswoggle

At the same time, I’ve discovered something about myself–something far more sinister. I’m becoming my father. Here are five things I’ve done that I swore I’d never do.

  1. Taken out the trash in my underwear.
  2. Gone around the house obsessively turning off lights.
  3. Worn pants with a hole in them and hoped for the best.
  4. Listened to am radio…on purpose.
  5. Fallen asleep reading a book…before 10 pm.


  1. Frank Arnold · · Reply

    1. Taking trash out in your underwear cools you off, thus using the AC less, thus saving mother earth.
    2. Turning off lights, saves electricity, saves money and mother earth.
    3. Wearing pants with a hole in it means you aren’t using more thread thus meaning factories make less thus saving mother earth.
    4. AM radio uses ground lines, thus the static. Using ground lines saves excess electricity flowing through wire lines, thus saving mother earth.
    5. Falling asleep at 10 means less electricity and less potential to use more resources, thus saving mother earth.

    You should basically marry mother earth.

    1. I like the way you think!

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Frankie, do you think we should all help save mother earth by taking out the trash in our underwear? :-p

  3. I think Frankie’s your only fan.

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