Wake Up!

I know most new parents are concerned about getting their kids to fall asleep, but at some point you’ll wake up after five or six hours and have a mini heart attack when you realize junior hasn’t stirred (then you’ll look at him so intensely that he wakes up and looks at YOU like, “Why aren’t we sleeping?”).

Or, sometimes, your kid will take a really long nap and you’ll be worried about how well she’s going to sleep that night.

Whatever the case, if you’re worried your child has been asleep too long, here are some sure fire ways to get them to wake up.

  • Go to the bathroom. As soon as your cheek touches the seat, your baby will start howling (this also helps scare the poop right out of you).
  • Get something to eat. It’s especially good if the food is messy or potentially hazardous to your child, like extra-hot hot wings.
  • Prepare to do some computer work that requires your undivided attention and both hands for typing.
  • Start exercising. The sweatier you are, the more likely your child will need to be picked up and snuggled.
  • Settle in to watch a TV show or movie with dialogue that is critically important.

Seriously, though, our little guy has started sleeping pretty close to “all night,” and I find some perverse masochistic side of me misses all those late night feedings. Not the sleep deprivation, of course, but with our return to school our time with him is already reduced. I just hate to spend so much of it sleeping (but he doesn’t need to go back to newborn hours just yet–maybe over Christmas break).



  1. hazardyetforward · · Reply


  2. Amen! My mom used to say, “if you want to call a family meeting, sit on the toilet!” 🙂

    1. hazardyetforward · · Reply

      I swear little guy always wants to nurse when I NEED to use the toilet.

  3. So, so, so true!!! You forgot about the shower though! When I was home with lil man, I couldn’t get a shower for days, because as soon as I got in, he would freak!!

    1. The shower! You’re right, that’s a good one too.

  4. Sparking up sone Intimacy with the wife was always another sure fire way

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