Inherited Traits

My wife and I often debate what personality traits and physical attributes our son has (or will have) from each of us. She says he gets his excessive sweatiness from me. I say he has her chin. Some things seem to be a hybrid–he sleeps for short bursts like I do, but he’s grumpy in the morning like his mom.

There is one thing I’m grateful he has, and I hope he retains it for the rest of his life–an utter and complete disregard for shopping. Our guy is normally the calmest and most content kid in the world, but as soon as you get him inside a store he starts grousing and, given enough time, will eventually ramp up to full out meltdown.

This is a good thing. Now whenever my wife goes shopping, I just make sure our son goes with her. All those experts who say having a kid is expensive? Well, ours is actually saving us money.

I’m worried, though, that she’s trying to change his natural proclivities. The other night they dropped me off for a Krav Maga class and went down the road to Kohl’s. When they weren’t back after the allotted hour, I got worried. I got even more worried when my wife announced she had “saved” over $100 at the store. Imagine, if she had never gone into the place, we never would have saved all those bucks!

I’m taking my son out this week and we’re going to practice appropriate store etiquette. If he doesn’t have a meltdown, I’m sure I will.

And here’s what he thinks about those big savings…


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