Lessons From Daycare

Our son completed his first week at daycare today. Here are a few things we’ve all learned.

  • Dropping your child off is a lot harder on mom and dad than it is on the child (at least when he’s under six months old)
  • Even with superior martial arts skills like I have, it’s tough to sneak through a room full of sleeping toddlers without waking them
  • There is no way to cajole or bribe an infant into making his bowels move at daycare instead of at home
  • Regardless of how automatic putting your kid in the car seat is when you’re at home, when there are daycare workers watching you, suddenly you’ll be all thumbs
  • Daycare workers have to do a daily assessment of infants (Wolfe has five “contented” stars so far)
  • The big kids get poking sticks they use to poke at the smaller kids (just checking if you’re still paying attention)
  • Those childproof door knob covers are sometimes adultproof as well–especially when you’re carrying an infant in a car seat, a handful of bottles, and a bag full of blankets and bibs
  • Little kids get really upset if you eat their snacks
  • Little kids don’t like to share their toys, either

Overall, daycare hasn’t been too bad, but we’d still prefer to have the little guy with us all the time. Maybe I’ll start teaching while I wear him in a Beco. It might be a good teenage pregnancy prevention tool as well.


One comment

  1. I can understand how hard it is. I even have trouble leaving my cats with sitters, let alone your own child. Nice post!

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