Things That Make Me Cranky, Part 2

A while ago, I posted some specific things that make me cranky, including the jungle we call our backyard. Well, with the first day back to school (at least at our school) for teachers tomorrow, I’m in a rare mood today…so here are more things making me cranky right now.

  • Finally mustering up the resolve to trim the shrubs and mow the yard, only to find that a) the shrub trimmer’s battery is just about dead and b) the lawn mower has stopped working. There’s a whole subset of issues here:
    • My crankiness about how no kids want to make a couple extra bucks doing yard work for those who are elderly. For a brief time this summer we actually had a kid who was mowing our yard, and I thought my crankiness was misplaced, but then he bailed at the worst possible time (meaning when the summer drought ended and the yard actually needed mowed again). Crankiness confirmed. I should learn not to doubt myself.
    • Rather than spending my last day of summer break doing fun and relaxing stuff and enjoying those last few cuddles with my son, I had to go shopping (something that makes me cranky) for a lawnmower (something that makes me crankier) so I could mow the lawn (something that makes me crankiest).
    • The packaging for a lawnmower is bulky. Remove the packaging and the lawnmower will fit in your car’s trunk. But the whole process is enough to make anyone cranky.
  • I love teaching kids, I really do, but going back to work (especially the getting up in the morning part) is still making me a little cranky. Don’t worry, of course I’m happy to have a job, and I’ll be fine. I can still be cranky, at least for a minute, can’t I?
  • Daycare. It’s great to have found a place nearby where it seems like Wolfe will have a great time. But it stinks to have to drop him off tomorrow. It’s going to be emotional, and while I may not cry (fortunately or unfortunately I’ve internalized some gender stereotypes about displaying my feelings, plus my people are very stoic), I have a pretty good idea that my wife will–she’s already cried about it twice today. Update: three times.
  • Telemarketers who call about selecting an energy provider while I’m trying to write a blog before my son wakes up so I can spend a few precious minutes with him. Get out of my earhole, Met-Ed!

I discovered something that helps the crankiness. It’s to stop thinking about being cranky, get up, and do work. Below is a pic of the shrubs (the before shot is in the post I linked to in my first paragraph–and note that these are just a small subset of all the shrubs; I’m not complaining about three bushes). Getting a last-minute snuggle from the little guy is also very therapeutic.

As a final treat, here’s some bad poetry.

Schoolteacher’s Ode to Summer

Goodbye, shorts and flip-flops.

Goodbye, pie for breakfast.

(Because breakfast is at 1 pm

And everyone


1 pm is pie o’clock.)

Goodbye, showering

Every three days

Whether I needed it or not.

Goodbye to endless cuddles

With my son

And carefree laughs

With my wife.

But if it was summer break

All year long

There would be nothing

To look forward to.

So strive for summer!

One comment

  1. If it makes you feel any better, your brother’s first day back to school was today. And he had summer classes, so he’s only had about one week of summer break 😀

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