Underdeveloped Ideas

Although you may not guess it by reading my previous posts, I try to think of good ideas and develop them before I write. Sometimes, though, I have half-formed ideas that I think are semi-decent but just don’t have enough meat to develop into full blog posts. Below are just a few of my “not quite good enough” thoughts.

  • The word “bunghole” is very funny. And not just to me. The other night I was reading my wife a story while she did her exercises and I added a sentence–something like “I could never get my hands clean, not once they’d touched my bunghole”–and she collapsed into hysterical giggles. Really, almost any word with “hole” has some comedic value. “Piehole,” “cakehole,” “sinkhole.” They’re all a tad humorous.
  • Internet meme pictures make me cranky. They’re either so lame I can’t believe somebody took the time to create them, or they’re so great I’m upset with myself for not thinking of them. One outside possibility is that I’m just jealous, but I discount that one. I mean, check out this pic I made (and feel free to share it on Facebook or wherever you meme):
  • I saw a post by a food server who was upset that people wouldn’t just round to the nearest five-dollar increment when tipping. It made me cranky, but then I realized I’ve never been in the service industry. Everybody’s an expert at how easy everyone else has it. I used to think teaching was such an easy gig and could never understand why my wife couldn’t run all the daily errands/go to appointments/take care of the stuff around the house when she didn’t have a real job. Now that I’m a teacher I see the other side of it. I wonder if professional sports coaches listen to those radio sports call in shows and flip out? I mean, everybody who watches football/baseball/hockey is an expert on the strategies that would get the team to win. It’s wonder the owners don’t just listen to those shows and get rid of the coaching staff altogether.

Don’t worry, I have plenty more of these gems. I’m sure I’ll have another post in this series soon. In the meantime, my really cranky son is, well, really cranky. So I’d better go give my wife a break.



  1. What is a “meme” picture???

    1. A meme is an idea that spreads from person to person. On Facebook, a lot of these ideas are done by pictures (like sarcastic Wonka or a lot of the political ones).

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