Featured Contributor — Matt Duvall

Who is that handsome devil?

Hazard Yet Forward

Why did I choose to participate in this anthology? Donna was one of the first people I met when I started my master’s program at Seton Hill University. She is a good friend and a truly generous human being. While many writers (or maybe just I) can be cynical, Donna is always positive. She supports other writers in many ways: buying their books, giving feedback on a first draft, or just motivating them to write. She’s also a great writer herself. In short, this anthology seemed the perfect way to give back a little bit and let Donna know how much we care.

The following is an excerpt from Matt’s horror story “Happy Holidays”:

It was already getting dark when Bill Harrington left the office, a brisk October night. He hadn’t gotten much done. Every time the phone rang he jolted to attention, fighting back the urge to fling…

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