Disenchanted with Daycare

In August Wolfe goes to daycare. It’s a bit traumatic, actually–more than I thought it would be. Months ago, before he was born, my wife and I checked out a number of local facilities. We think we picked the best one (but how can you ever be completely sure?). I was thinking, though, that in some cases you can rule out a possibility based solely on the names of the workers. So here’s a list of worker names that mean you probably want to send your kid somewhere else.

  • Slobberin’ Bob
  • Fecalia Smellmore
  • Tickle Me Tom
  • Patty Bache
  • M’Grth Z’tchotke (for you Lovecraft fans)
  • Heidi Arontha-Corner
  • Snooki

Silly, I know, but it made me feel better. In the meantime, of you know of any virtual jobs, send ’em my way. I have experience in writing, teaching, throwing them ‘bows,  and computer programming. Then maybe Wolfe won’t have to deal with Skip Marks at the daycare.


  1. Don’t even talk about this! I just cried in the shower for 20 minutes, because Eljay goes back soon. 😦

  2. Mea — I’m having trouble sleeping at night because I keep thinking about it — even though I think we have a great infant day care for him!

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