Cute Now, Not Later

My wife and I think Wolfe is the cutest thing ever. Sometimes, though, it makes me cranky that he can not only get away with stuff, but get praised for it, when if I did the same thing people would berate me.

Here’s a quick list of five things my son does that are cute now but won’t be later in life. I hope he grows out of them (at some point, but not now).

  • Sticking his tongue out when he smiles
  • Doing “the trifecta”: a grunt, a leg kick, and a loud fart (not so amusing to the Mrs. when Dad does it)
  • Rolling around in a diaper whilst drooling everywhere
  • Sucking loudly on his own forearm
  • Staring at bright lights and babbling nonsensically

One comment

  1. Ha! I like the trifecta!

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