A Bit of a Stretch

It’s tough to admit that a little person who is less than two months old can teach you something (especially when you know as much as I do). But I have to acknowledge that Wolfe has taught me a few things in the eight or so weeks he’s been around. Some of these are personal and wouldn’t necessarily make sense to anyone else, but there is one thing I’ve learned from Wolfe that I think will benefit every reader of this blog.

And that thing is…stretching.

Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m an active guy. I practice Krav Maga and jiu jitsu, I run, I swim, I play basketball, I lift weights, I do calisthenics. When I was young and foolish, I used to do all these things (plus pro wrestling) without stretching. Now that I’m old and foolish, I berate my younger self for not stretching more, leaving me in a very inflexible position (like that pun?).  I now stretch as part of my exercise routine: I do the sleeper stretch for my aching shoulder, the standing quad stretch for my aching legs, the cat pose for my aching lower back, and about twenty more.

With all these stretches, though, it’s been years since I actually stretched. I mean one of those full body, just woke up, limbs everywhere stretches that don’t have a name and just feel great. Watching my son, though, I realized that with all my prescribed stretches, I don’t enjoy stretching anymore. When he wakes up (or sometimes in the middle of a diaper change, which is a bit more inconvenient), the little guy will stretch like it’s his job. There’s a look on his face of pure bliss. Seeing this made me remember that sometimes you don’t need a diagram to show you how to work your body. Your body knows what to do, if you let it remember. And so I’ve started stretching on occasion–really stretching–and let me tell you, it feels great. It’s almost enough to make me forget all the stuff that makes me cranky.

Try it for yourself and let me know if I’m wrong.


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