Today our son discovered the word “smash.” He thinks it’s hilarious. He gave himself hiccups saying it and then giggling. Even though it’s an old standard for me, I found myself saying it back to him and giggling too. I did not get the hiccups, though. Then my wife came in and smashed the giant […]

Our son has recently hit a new milestone: he’s started defining things as “mine.” Like “my block,” “my bottle,” “my mama.” He’s also starting to know his own mind–what he wants (usually “apple juice”) and when he wants it (generally, “now”). So I’m looking forward to the next phase, when he starts to ask “why?”. […]

For all the background of my annual lists, see last year’s post, 2012: The Year That Was. 2013 was like the theme song from “The Facts of Life.” So here’s the good and the bad from the last year, all mixed together. Best Books I Read in 2013 Joyland by Stephen King Mrs. Frisby and […]

This year was my best Secret Santa experience ever… Stay-at-Home Dad’s Secret Santa 2013

Now that our son can walk, he selectively decides when he wants to be picked up. Usually, as far as I can tell, the decision tree goes something like this: Is Mom/Dad carrying something heavy? (Pick me up!) Is Mom/Dad on her/his way to do something important, like go to the bathroom? (Pick me up!) […]

My son is a creeper. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a cute little guy and a lot of fun to hang around with. But…he’s definitely a creeper. And somehow, all that gosh-darned cuteness allows him to get away with it. Tonight, for instance, we were out for dinner. Mid-way through eating one of the complimentary […]


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